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The US space agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), recently unveiled its new streaming service, NASA+. The platform offers free access to everyone, doesn’t feature any ads, and is available via a web browser or as an app for Android and iOS devices. The streaming service can also be accessed on platforms like Roku and Apple TV.

An Exciting Time for NASA

According to NASA, users can access several different shows related to space and science, and they should ensure that their app is constantly updated to the latest version to experience all of its content. Some of the content includes many original series and Emmy award-winning shows.

Pam Melroy, the Deputy Administrator at NASA, stated that this is an exciting time for the space agency, as it recently revamped its website, launched NASA+, and updated the NASA App, showcasing the many benefits the agency’s data can offer to all of humanity.

NASA also shared the launch of its new service in a post on X (formerly Twitter), stressing that the service doesn’t require a subscription, there is no cost to using it, nor will there be any ads. All featured content is family-friendly and available on major platforms for easy access.

Answering questions in the comments, NASA noted that it will be unable to add new content daily but will continue to enrich the streaming service occasionally. Those who wish to receive updates when new episodes and series come out can follow NASA on X.

What will the Platform Offer?

NASA initially teased the launch of its streaming service a few months ago, in July 2023. At the time, it said it would be a digital platform with content related to space and science. Despite being brand new, the platform already features a lot of content, including content related to the James Webb Space Telescope, some animated children’s shows concerning planets and the universe, and personal stories of Black NASA astronauts.

And, for those who like good visuals, the platform offers ultra-high-definition recordings of the cosmos.

Apart from that, there are shows such as Documentary in Artemis: 1, Other Worlds: Planets, First Light, and more. The available content is in HD, and most of what is now known is in English and Spanish.

NASA also plans to use the platform to offer live streams of important events. One example is the launch of NASA’s SpaceX CRS-29, the docking of SpaceX’s CRS-20 Cargo Dragon resupply craft.

Many have already praised the launch of a platform that offers content specifically for space-curious people interested in learning more.

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