iPhone 15 Pro overheating? Apple is (finally) on the case – NBC US

If your new iPhone 15 Pro is still running hotter than expected, then don’t fret as Apple is onto it.

Soon after the new handset started landing in the hands of customers three weeks ago, many quickly found that it seemed to heat up way more than expected.

Apple stayed silent on the issue but has finally acknowledged it and is promising a fix soon.

So why are the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max devices overheating?

Well, the tech giant said in a recently issued statement that it’s identified “a few conditions” that can cause the handset to heat up more than usual.

First, it offers run-of-the-mill reasons like “increased background activity” during the first few days after setting up or restoring the device. It also said that using a more powerful charging adapter, like those offering 20W of output, could warm up the phone more than usual.

But it also revealed that its engineers have discovered a bug in iOS 17 that’s “impacting some users,” and promises that it will be resolved by a software update, though it offered no timeline for its release.

It added that some apps are also conflicting with the new Pro models, causing them to overheat, and says it is working with the developers of those apps to fix the issue in software updates, according to a Bloomberg report.

An Apple spokesperson mentioned that apps such as Instagram, Uber, and the game Asphalt 9 have been causing the new top-end iPhones to overheat, adding that Instagram has already resolved the issue via an update rolled out at the end of last month.

While some have suggested the problem could be linked to the new A17 Pro chip that’s found in the 15 Pro handsets but not in the regular iPhone 15 models, Apple insisted that the issue is not related to hardware.

Other recent reports have suggested that to ease the overheating, the tech company would have to deliberately impair the performance of the new processor, but the company has reassured customers that this will not be necessary.

Apple says the extra heat will not impact the phone over the long term, so the advice is simply to sit tight and wait for the update.

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