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My mother has Alzheimer’s and has gone into a care home but I am struggling to cancel her old mobile phone contract, and we are now being chased by a debt recovery company.

She had a rolling contract with iD Mobile for £5 a month but had not used it for a long time. The last message I received was in 2018.

We tried to close the account but the login my dad has doesn’t work, and it is a nightmare trying to contact customer services as it is all online chat.

In the end, last autumn, my dad just cancelled the direct debit from their joint account, thinking that would end the contract.

However, in December, he received a final demand for £10. I paid it and, again, tried to close the account. The company asked me to email evidence of mum’s condition, so I sent a consultant’s letter but I didn’t hear anything back.

Then, in April, we got a letter from a debt collection agency demanding payment of the outstanding balance of £20. I paid that, too, and again tried to end the contract.

The operator told me (again) that I needed to email proof that my mother is ill, or a copy of the power of attorney, which I now have. I’ve done both but it doesn’t respond.

My dad got a text the other day to contact the debt collection agency but when I did, it can’t tell me how much she owes, or talk to anyone who isn’t her.

I’ve been trying to let iD Mobile know since January that my mum is a vulnerable customer. It must be able to see she has not used the phone for years but is still pursuing her.

HS, London

For a mobile phone company, iD Mobile does not seem to like talking. It is hard to find a phone number on its website, and I resolved this by contacting its owner, the retail group Currys.

This matter escalated very quickly to a third party, at which point it can have a serious impact on someone’s credit rating, and was a real worry for your father.

It turned out iD Mobile’s email server had struggled with the size of the power of attorney file you sent. Make of that what you will.

The account has finally been closed and outstanding fees wiped.

You are relieved this saga is over. But it has taken up time and added stress at an emotional time for your family.

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