LOL! Jesse Kelly offers tips to improve your Twitter experience and it’s LITERALLY brilliant – Twitchy – NBC US NEWS

Jesse Kelly, Host and Author, is often the purveyor of very good advice. Today, he offered some that will greatly enhance the Twitter experience.

Jesse suggested some words to mute from your Twitter timeline. The words and phrases included ‘are you saying’, ‘so, are you saying’ and frequent Twitchy topic ‘Dylan Mulvaney’. We extend our apologies to Jesse if we are part of the reason he is sick of Dylan. HEH!

There is always one in the crowd.

When someone says, ‘honest question’, it very often means they are looking to pick a fight.

This is turning out to be quite the educational Twitter thread.

Even more good ideas.



Clearly that is what he is saying. LOL

Yes. The pattern is it’s the things the worst people on Twitter often say. 

Also, good tips, my dude. You do  you, when it comes to your twitter account, but my guy, this list is literally, genius.

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