Kid WINS! Here’s the LATEST on Jaiden, the patriotic 12-year-old boy who showed his school who’s BOSS – Twitchy – NBC US NEWS

As Twitchy readers know, a 12-year-old boy named Jaiden was kicked out of his classroom over a Gadsden patch on his backpack. Apparently, the school doesn’t know the history of the Gadsden (they really should) and claimed the patch was associated with slavery.

Or something.

Yeah, it was really stupid … stupid enough to make the news. Heck, we covered it. Not to mention Governor Polis actually posted/tweeted about it – we’re not sure if he’s actually doing anything BUT it was interesting to see him actually give the school a lesson on the real history of the Gadsden.

Here’s where things stand as of now:

Campaigning to be school president.

Love that.

There is indeed hope for our future, people. And it’s right here with this young man in Colorado.


Gosh, why oh WHY would they do that? 


Ain’t that the truth?



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