Artwork of sculpted pillars alongside a cave troll attack in Moria - Through the Doors of Durin

Exclusive Lord of the Rings RPG preview for creepy Moria D&D expansion – NBC US NEWS

Gandalf may have feared to go into those mines, but we’re chancing it with an exclusive first look at the upcoming Moria expansion for Lord of the Rings RPG The One Ring, along with its D&D equivalent (The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying).

Due to launch on Kickstarter at 9am EDT this August 30, you can see everything that’s included within the Moria campaign (which seems to have been renamed from ‘The Long Dark’ to ‘Moria – Through the Doors of Durin’) below. You can also get a sneak–peek of the interior art that’ll appear in both The One Ring version of the book and its D&D counterpart, which will be called ‘Moria – Shadow of Khazad-dum.’

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