A Summer Bucket List for Teens in a Slasher Movie – NBC US NEWS

Plan a craft night at Lindsey’s house, where we make friendship bracelets.

Sit front row at a concert.

Go to Missy’s family’s abandoned cabin in the woods.

Play spin the bottle—with boys!

Play seven minutes in heaven—with boys!

Have a beach day—with boys! Amanda’s driving the minivan!

Start a summer book club and read that book Kenny found in the basement of Missy’s family’s cabin.

Meet a supernaturally strong man who’s wielding a bloodstained cleaver.

Practice our wilderness first-aid skills. (Tourniquet, anyone?)

Camp out under the stars in Becca’s back yard.

Give each other stick-and-poke tattoos to commemorate Lindsey.

Go to an outdoor movie!

Prank call our old English teacher, Mr. Fitzsimmons.

Make a real call to the sheriff to see if he’ll believe us when we tell him about the supernaturally strong man who’s wielding a bloodstained cleaver and stalking and killing our friends.

Notice that we didn’t start seeing the supernaturally strong man wielding a bloodstained cleaver until after we read that book Kenny found.

Burn the book.

Have a craft night where we make friendship bracelets! And a memorial for Missy and Becca. . . .

Time for a closet clean-out! Find the book again—what the hell?

Time for a road trip! But it feels a little empty in the minivan, especially without Amanda driving. On the plus side, there’s room for the cooler!

Drive. Just drive and keep driving, in any direction, only stopping for gas or when our tires are randomly all slashed.

Give a friendship bracelet to the gas-station attendant who let us hide in the back office until the supernaturally strong man wielding a bloodstained cleaver finds us.

Sneak into the abandoned mall.

Have a sleepover in the abandoned mall—with boys!

Time for a final showdown with the supernaturally strong man wielding a bloodstained cleaver in the mall. Oh, my God! Is that freaking Mr. Fitzsimmons? It’s totally him. It’s been him this whole time. Kelly! That’s him! Kelly?! Oh, God. It’s just me against Mr. Fitzsimmons now. There aren’t even any boys here. 🙁

Get into meditating! Learn to be alone with my thoughts and the haunting screams of my friends.

Have a bonfire! Burn down the mall with Mr. Fitzsimmons inside. It’s over. He’s gone. For now. . . .

Take in an end-of-summer (sad!) fireworks display at the graveyard during a quadruple funeral. <3333

Vow on Lindsey, Missy, Amanda, and Kelly’s graves to have an even more awesome summer next year!!!

Spot a shadowy figure down by the docks.

Have an end-of-summer fling?!

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